Online memorials for companion animals Loving Companions

Preserve Your Memories (Preserve and Share?)

Pekoe and Mishu were quite a pair.Pets are members of our family. If we live alone, they may be our most constant companions. When we say our final goodbyes, the depth of our sadness can feel as great or greater than any other loss we’ve experienced.

Each of our pets is unique. Whether furry, feathered, or floppy-eared — small, tall, or cotton-tailed — their companionship changes our lives.

A photo album is a wonderful way to remember them by, but difficult to share with anyone far away. Loving Companions will help you to express your love and history using words and images that are
more permanent than photos in an album, digital photos on a computer, or a
Facebook post.

A memorial website provides a way for you to honor and celebrate the life of your pet, and is a permanent place for you, your family, and friends to visit at any time.

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